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The Amphitheatre is one of the most popular dive sites in Pafos. A great location for all divers with great topography features!

This Amphitheater was created by changes in the tides eroding the rock face over thousands of years. 

To reach the entry point you will take a gentle walk down the cliff to the edge of the water. This section can be a little slippery but don’t worry our team will be there to help you! 

Once inside the Amphitheatre look up to the surface for a fantastic light show. As the waves roll over the top of the island you can see the swells forming underneath, simulating storm clouds.

There is a second Amphitheatre and a feature known as the stage. The stage is a carved stone feature with a vertical opening acting as a skylight.

Keep your eyes open as you can often find Atlantic Triton’s Trumpet, these are huge sea snails. The shells have amazing patterns and colours but can also grow to be as big as 45cm.

This area has so much to offer we have 2 dive location.


  • Open Water +


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