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The first thing that you may notice when you first begin to approach or swim around the Alexandria wreck is that you experience an eerie feeling as the wreck comes and goes in and out of the gloom (it’s like a scene from a movie).

The Alexandria Wreck Cyprus is an old fishing trawler that sank in an upright position several years ago in 2006 at the maximum depth of 30m. The wreck offers some great opportunities for you to take some great pictures or videos and is considered a paradise for underwater photographers. 

Since the Alexandria went down, it has created a fantastic Artificial reef around the wreck and as a result there are a variety of fish that can now be seen on the dive. File fish, Lionfish, Nudibranch, Feathered Sea Stars, Moray Eels, Tube Worms, Sea Cucumbers, and so much more. Keep an eye out for the big Turtle that has made this wreck her home.


  • Advanced Open Water Diver +


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